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So much wine and nowhere to store it! If this is a common storage dilemma for you, then you desperately need to invest in a wine rack (or two, or three). Whether you use it to showcase your bottles or simply as a loading dock between the store and the refrigerator, wine bottle holders are an elegant and easy way to add more storage and organization to your kitchen.

The great thing about wine storage is that it is extremely versatile and easy to apply to any space in your home. Unlike many other storage options, wine racks are designed to occupy as little or as much space as you have to offer. Whether you have an extra countertop corner to spare or an entire wine cellar, there is an option out there for you.

Should I buy a wine rack or wine cabinet?

This decision comes down to what you are looking to store. Do you just need a place to store bottles? A wine rack is the best option, since it takes up less space but still does the job. Or are you looking for something more substantial, where you can store wine glasses, corkscrews and table linens? If this is what you need, then a wine cabinet is more practical. These furniture pieces are often large and well-stocked with plenty of counter space, which means they can also act as wet bars when needed. Budget is also a consideration; small racks are easy to find under $100, while quality wine cabinets can easily be more than $1,000.

What wine storage is best for a small space?

Apartment dwellers rejoice — there is wine storage out there for even the smallest of spaces! Wall-mounted wine racks are great because they avoid taking up floor or counter space, an invaluable commodity in a small apartment. They keep bottles off the floor and beautifully display your collection (they can even play double duty as a piece of artwork!). Tabletop wine racks are also ideal. They are completely self-contained and only require a little bit of counter space. Finally, there are many designs to choose from, which makes it easy to find one that works with the style of your home.

What about a modular wine rack?

Modular wine racks work best for a growing collection of bottles. If you have an ever expanding wine collection, consider a modular or stackable system. They are sold in every material, from plastic to chrome wire, and have the potential to store infinite bottles of wine. Modular alternatives are part of the growing modular furniture trend, so they can really add cutting edge design to your kitchen. In the end, it’s a great option if your space is limited now but may become more available in the future, or if you simply prefer not to commit to a major furniture piece up front.

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