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Swing Arm Wall Lamps

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A swing-arm wall lamp is the perfect companion for a cozy reading nook, a busy office area or a bedside table. Instead of taking up valuable space on work surfaces or nearby tables where your books and decorative accents can be placed, your swing-arm wall sconce makes the best use of vertical space. And when you need a little extra light, it’s easy to simply pull your wall lamp as close as you need, then tuck it back in close to the wall when you’re done. Find swing arm wall lamps in an array of styles, including wall lighting with articulating arms — perfect for reading in bed.

If you want to take your swing-arm wall lamps to the next level, here are a few design ideas that utilize their functionality and unique style:
• Double up. Pair two swing-arm wall lamps next to your couch. The balance of the two lamps will help frame your sofa, while the functionality of the swing arm will help create the perfect gathering or reading space.
• Create an inviting work environment. Swing-arm wall lamps are perfect when you need to shine a little extra light on the fine details of your work. If you share a home office, they can also be a blessing when your officemate requires a different level of lighting than you.
• Do some bedtime reading. Speaking of trying not to annoy your partner, adding a set of swing-arm wall lights to your bedside area will allow you to finish that chapter while your significant other drifts off to dreamland.

You’ll find a variety of stylish, functional swing-arm wall lamp designs right here on Houzz.

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