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Growing your small kitchen appliance collection can take some time — these small but mighty items can add up quickly in terms of cost, unless you pace yourself. Although toasters, microwaves, blenders and coffee makers are often seen as necessities, other small appliances, such as a deep fryer, gelato machine and food processor, are specialized luxuries. Before you take the plunge and invest in more kitchen appliances, consider these tips.

What small kitchen appliances do I need?

If you're just starting out, be sure to stock up on the basics first. Although the necessities differ depending on the person, most can agree that everyone needs a toaster, microwave, blender and coffee maker. A food processor or mixer might be worth the splurge for bakers, while a tea pot is great if coffee isn't your thing (or if you like both!).

What specialty kitchen appliances should I buy?

As you move onto more specialized appliances, think about what you enjoy eating or drinking, and be sure to accommodate those preferences. For example, a diehard coffee drinker might like an espresso machine or coffee grinder, while an ice cream fanatic might get a lot of use out of a gelato or ice cream maker. Other fun appliances to consider include a popcorn maker, fondue pot, juicer, waffle maker, steamer and bread maker.

How do I organize all my small appliances?

Once you accumulate all these new toys, you'll of course need to store them. If you have space to spare, sort through your small appliances and determine which ones you use most often. Place those in a convenient location, like an appliance drawer or lower cabinet, and place infrequently used items in higher cabinets. For a super cramped kitchen, get those specialty accessories out of the kitchen and into the storage room, basement or garage.

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