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Sofa beds are the epitome of efficiency — a single sleeper sofa does the work of two furniture pieces, yet uses only half the space! A far cry from the unappealing designs of yesteryear, the modern-day couch bed comes in a variety of materials and colors, making it a versatile yet chameleonic piece. Complementary and downright useful, a convertible sofa is a no-brainer if you need a stylish sleeping and seating solution.

Which sofa sleeper design is right for my home?

Maybe you have a hybrid guest room/home office that needs a comfy resting area, or perhaps you’re moving into an apartment where you need to combine your sleeping and sitting arrangements. No matter what your situation is, a convertible sofa is a multifunctional furniture piece that will undoubtedly come in handy.

However, the type of sofa bed you get needs to fit your needs and blend well with your current home aesthetic. To help you determine the best sofa sleeper style, consider its primary use — will you mainly be using it for sitting or sleeping? The more your couch bed is used as a place to sit, the more important the cushions are. Conversely, if it’s going to be utilized as a bed on a regular basis, mattress quality should top your priority list.

Determine whether you want a pull-out or fold-down sofa bed model. A pull-out couch has separate cushions and a mattress, whereas the cushions are the mattress in a fold-down design. Next, consider sizes and shapes. If you are using the sleeper sofa as a bed for you or guests, then measure how much room you have when it is “open” and what size mattress you can afford to have, space-wise. If you’re a social type that loves having friends over — but also needs a place to sleep — consider a sectional sleeper sofa, as these are ideal for a smaller area that requires a lot of seating space. If you need extra space to stash your stuff, consider a sofa bed with storage — this is a hugely efficient use of your already useful sleeper sofa!

What type of mattress should my convertible sofa have?

The mattress is a crucial component of the sleeper sofa; luckily, you have a lot of options to choose from!

  • Air cushions. A solid, affordable choice, air cushions allow the mattress to be stored easily and normally don’t cost as much as other alternatives. However, air cushions do run the risk of leaking, and require some effort to be inflated.

  • Innerspring mattresses. These have coils inside; the more coils in the mattress, the better. The average amount of coils in these types of mattresses is around 345; however, higher end models tend to have over 600 coils or so.

  • Memory foam mattresses. Memory foam sofa beds are always a popular choice; memory foam stores easily, maintains it’s shape and the foam conforms to the user’s body. However, a high price tag can often accompany such a high-quality material.

  • Air-coil mattresses. Consider these mattress types “the same level” as memory foam; they feature an innerspring mattress with an air mattress built on top.

  • Always avoid poorly made cushions that will sag over time with minimal use; an ideal sofa bed cushion should be made with a combination of springs/coils and multiple layers of padding for durability and comfort.

    How do I pick a sofa bed frame?

    Don’t skimp on sofa bed frame quality — you want something that will last long, like hardwood, steel or a durable equivalent. Watch out for cheaper pieces that could potentially scratch or snag you or the bedding, and take into account the space you’ll have to maneuver around when the bed is open; if you have to climb over it to get across the room, you should downsize. Other options to consider include:

  • Support bars. Know how the support bar is attached, particularly on a pull-out bed. Ones that are attached with coils will give with pressure, so that the bar doesn’t dig into the sleeper’s body. The metal stability bar you dread so much is actually welded to the frame, so avoid this style if this is a pain point for you.

  • Ease of use. Make sure the sofa bed is easy to open or fold down — nothing will be more frustrating for a guest than being ready for bed but not being able to pull out the mattress. A similar, but commonly overlooked, feature is a frame that locks when in sleeper position; you wouldn’t want to be folded up in the couch when rolling over in the middle of the night!

  • Upholstery. When it comes to upholstery, pick out fabric like you would for your everyday couch: durable but comfortable. A leather sleeper sofa is always a popular, elegant and classic selection whereas a microfiber sleeper sofa is a simple, easy-to-clean favorite of people with kids and pets. If it’s going to be somewhere that doesn’t get much use, like an office, you can go for the more delicate fabrics, like cotton, to achieve a certain desired look.

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