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A pot rack is a great storage solution for both small and large kitchens. It keeps pots that are too big for a standard cupboard out of the way, and can actually be a great decorative item for the kitchen. Pot hangers today come in multiple configurations and beautiful materials, like copper, brass, nickel and steel. There are even lighted models to add another source of brilliance to your kitchen. If you’re not sure where to start searching in the wide world of pot hangers, check out our handy tips below:

What type of kitchen pot rack should I buy?

Pot hangers come in two styles: ceiling mounted or wall mounted. A ceiling pot rack is handy if you have high ceilings, an island, and want something that makes a statement, while a wall pot rack is good for smaller kitchens or those without an island. Some are even designed to include a bookshelf for your cookbooks, and there’s also the less common option of a freestanding pot stand. The design you choose will depend on how many pots and pans you plan to hang from your pot and pan rack, whether you have available space on your ceiling, wall or floor, and, most important, whether your ceiling or wall can bear the weight.

Where should I put my ceiling pot rack?

A hanging pot rack is a great organizational tool that can be installed over your kitchen island, sink or counter. Make sure wherever it’s located is within easy reach and not in the way of any prep areas. It’s very important to properly install your pot hanger — do it incorrectly and you could have a big mess after you try to hang up your soup pot for the first time. Avoid hanging it in drywall and be sure to use the correct screws.

How high should my hanging pot rack be?

The height of the ceiling and your own height are important considerations. Make sure you'll be able to comfortably reach your pots and take down the items that you need. Remember that you don't need to be able to reach the actual hooks; you just need to be able to take pans off the pan rack and put them back on easily.

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