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Whether you want to brighten up your front door or your back patio, adding outdoor wall lighting is a classic and versatile way to do so. At Houzz, we carry a wide variety of wall lights and sconces to choose from, to suit traditional and modern spaces and everything in between. While you search for your next outdoor light fixture, allow the following tips and ideas to be your guide.

What type of wall light or sconce do you prefer?

First things first: consider how much space you have and what sort of design you like best. Do you have room to arrange one sconce on either side of your front door? Or are you simply looking for a functional light for the patio? There are a few basic types of outdoor wall lighting to choose from, including lanterns, sconces or flush-mount lights.

  • Lantern: Lantern wall lighting is classic and elegant. These fixtures often feature glass panels around a bulb, although you can also find barn-style versions with metal housing that directs light downward.
  • Sconce: Outdoor sconces are similar to lanterns, although they typically rest slightly more flush to the wall. Modern and contemporary versions are often cylindrical or square in shape.
  • Flush-Mount: Flush-mount lights are installed directly up against the wall, perfect for smaller areas.

Which features matter to you?

Outdoor wall lighting will allow your home’s exterior to feel safe and inviting even after the sun goes down. And picking out the right features now can also make your life easier later on. For example, dusk to dawn wall lights automatically turn on after sunset and turn off during the day, so you won’t ever have to remember to turn your porch lights on. Similarly, motion sensor lights provide illumination right when you need it, plus an extra layer of security.

It’s also possible to find energy-efficient fixtures that’ll save you money down the road and lower your carbon footprint. Solar wall lights soak up energy from the sun so you won’t have to use any power to illuminate your yard at night. LED wall sconces are another great option, as they last longer and use less energy than those with incandescent bulbs.

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What style are you going for?

Now’s your chance to put your stamp on the exterior of your home! Keep in mind, sometimes it’s okay to mix and match styles; a modern outdoor sconce might simply make a traditional home feel more transitional or contemporary. You could add a playful touch with a globe sconce. Or embrace a classic colonial look with charming lanterns.

At Houzz, you’ll find exterior wall lighting in a wide array of finishes and materials to match your siding. Black wall lights look particularly chic and go with just about anything. If you prefer something a bit brighter, bronze, copper and brass all work well, particularly if you’ve got rich reds, blues or greens on your front door or siding. Brushed nickel wall lights are another option, and the silvery finish is a natural match for soft blues and grays.

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