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Nothing is more relaxing than enjoying a bright, sunny day by the pool, beach or patio while sheltered by an outdoor umbrella. Patio umbrellas are ingenious additions to your outdoor lounge area. They protect your skin from harsh UV rays and sunlight but let you enjoy a cool breeze plus the scents and sounds of the outdoors. With the perfect beach umbrella, you can mentally transport yourself to your dream retirement scenario: relaxing the day away without a care in the world. If this sounds like heaven on earth and you’re ready to start lounging under a patio umbrella, here are a couple of tips:

What kinds of outside umbrellas should I consider?

The type of outdoor umbrella you’ll buy depends on how you plan to use it. If you’re looking for little to no sun exposure, look for one made of a heavy-grade outdoor fabric. A commercial or market umbrella may be a heavy-duty choice for your yard. Offset umbrellas or a cantilever umbrella for patio use allow you to place the stand in the corner while the shade leans over to cover your seating or table area. If it’s shaded dining you’re after, seek out a patio table umbrella that will protect you as you drink and dine.

What kind of tilt method should I choose for my patio umbrella?

Not all outdoor umbrellas offer the option to tilt, but this feature is great to have in order to provide multiple shading angles. When choosing a method for your new outdoor shade, consider which of these three methods will be most convenient for you.
• Crank tilt: This design is easy to use and will allow you to block sunlight at various angles. It features a crank, which opens and tilts the shade to your desired setting. Once you’re done setting up, you can lock the crank into place.
• Push-button tilt: A more affordable option than the crank-tilt design, this style can be a bit more difficult to adjust. Instead of turning a crank, you press a button and adjust the angle of your shade manually, then release the button when you’re done.
• Collar tilt: If cranks and buttons sound like too much of a hassle, the collar-tilt style is an easy-to-use alternative. To adjust the angle, you simply twist the collar located on the frame. Best of all, your shade angle can be adjusted while you sit.

Are there different options for opening and closing outdoor umbrellas?

Just as important as the method used to adjust the shade angle, the way your umbrella opens and closes should be a deciding factor. More affordable styles of umbrellas for patio use will typically feature a pulley system and locking pin, which can require a certain amount of strength to operate. Other styles feature a crank system, which is easier to use and can be locked into place with little effort on your part.

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