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If you’re looking to define your outdoor space or add decorative warmth to your patio or deck, an outdoor rug can help. Indoor-outdoor rugs provide a soft cushion for your feet and barrier against dirt and insects. They can also add a splash of color or texture to your outdoor oasis that mimics the vibrancy of exotic plants and flowers that may not grow in your area. Here are some handy tips to consider while you search for the perfect outdoor carpet:

What materials can I choose for my outdoor rugs?

When purchasing your indoor outdoor carpet, it’s important to select materials that are durable and will hold up against the weather. Here are some of the more popular choices you can choose from:
• Natural fibers: Jute, sisal, seagrass and hemp are all wonderful choices for outdoor rugs. They tend to be sound-absorbent and strong, not to mention eco-friendly. Already brimming with texture, these materials are often woven, which will add wonderful visual interest to your outdoor living area.
• Synthetic materials: If you’re looking for a brightly colored outdoor rug that can easily be cleaned with a hose, then polypropylene, nylon, acrylic and polyester are the way to go. These materials are lightweight, dry quickly and usually more affordable than natural fiber indoor-outdoor rugs.
• Backing: While your outdoor carpet should look aesthetically pleasing, you’ll want to make sure it’s functional, too. While patio rugs with no backing are nice to have thanks to their reversible design, you should consider a style with backing if your outdoor rug will be in a high traffic or typically slippery area. Polypropylene and other synthetics tend to be a more durable, long-lasting and mildew-resistant choice than natural fibers.

What size should my outdoor carpet be?

To get a better idea of the size you need, carefully measure the length and width of your outdoor area. Don’t forget one of the purposes of your outdoor area rugs is to define your space. If you’re planning on sitting furniture on top of your outdoor rug, remember it’s more visually pleasing to have either all legs or just the front legs of your furniture resting on top.

What about indoor outdoor rugs?

You don’t have to limit the use of outdoor patio rugs strictly to your outdoor spaces. The designs, patterns and textures of an indoor outdoor rug are so beautiful that you should be able to enjoy them not just on your patio, but in your living room as well. If you have young kids, pets or just a lot of foot traffic in the house, a rug designed to go outside may be the perfect solution. If your home is carpeted, the firm texture of outdoor rug material is a great remedy for a lack of wood flooring inside.

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