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5 Tips for Picking the Right Home Office Chair

We all want to be stand-up desk enthusiasts, but there comes a time in the day when you just want to sink back into a good old office chair. That doesn’t mean you have to have one that is as drab as your actual office space; in fact, on Houzz you’ll find plenty of stylish and comfortable chairs to furnish your home office. When shopping for a new office chair, make sure that you look for the features below.

Check for adjustable settings.

There is nothing worse than sitting in a chair that won’t adapt to how your body is shaped. Before moving to look at style, make sure that the office chair gives you the ability to adjust based on your preferences. And we’re not just talking height adjustments, those are standard. The best home office chairs give you the ability to tilt back and forth, push your armrests up and down and change your lumbar support.

Know your seat depth.

You’ve probably never thought about seat depth before, but just think about how uncomfortable it can be to sit on a sofa where your legs hang far over the edge. As you’re ordering online, measure the length from your hip to a few inches just before your knees. This will help you make sure that you find a chair that supports your height, without preventing your feet from touching the ground.

Find a chair that moves, sometimes.

Changes are that at some point during the day you’re going to either want to swivel or have your chair stay in one place. A basic swivel functionality allows you to reach across your desk to grab any paperwork or materials that you need, where castors will help you stay in one place while you do so. If you’re getting a chair with casters, then don’t forget to add a chair mat to prevent any damage to your carpet or hardwood floors.

Get material that breathes.

Especially important if you’re considering setting up your home office in a sun-filled, south-facing window — do not forget breathable material for your office chair. Mesh backings and synthetic fibers allow air to flow through both the back and bottom of your chair. This will prevent you from overheating during those afternoon meetings.

Don’t forget about style.

Once you’ve got all the basics check off, or made a few compromises, don’t forget to think about the chair style. Add all your favorite chairs to a specific Ideabook and view how they’re going to look in your room using Houzz 3D. You can also create an Ideabook that includes the other furniture and materials in the room so that you get a sense for how everything will work together.

Whether you’re shopping for a stately home office chair or furnishing your space with a modest task chair, you’ll find plenty of options and photos for inspiration on Houzz. Browse through our collection of Home Office photos to set up your best WFH life today.

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