Reach more homeowners looking to hire

Showcase your business on Houzz, the #1 website and app for renovating homeowners. Target the projects and locations you want most.

“The marketing program has been a great way to gain exposure, promote myself within my area, and connect with clients nearby.”

Claire Zee, Claire Zee Interior Design

Get hired for the type of work you want to do

We’ll show your finished projects to local homeowners during the research process


Let us make live connections

Our concierge team phone screens leads and connects you directly by phone for the initial discussion

Houzz is one of the reasons our company is doing so well. The Live Connections program gives me more information about the client before talking to them so I am in a better place to help them with their project needs.

Highlight what makes your business unique

Easily create an eye-catching, engaging video that showcases the best of your business with our tool, or upload your own.

Manage your reputation

We’ll help you grow and manage your reviews on the #1 site and app for renovating homeowners


Management tools

Streamline review requests with our templates and use our integration tools to easily send review requests to your contacts


Special features

Feature your best review more prominently on your Houzz profile, directory listing and more - you’re in control


Publishing tools

Reviews automatically appear on your Houzz profile, your Houzz-built website, and in our widget - great for blogs and more


You're in control

Get notified when you get new reviews, and easily respond publicly to all reviews to strenthen your brand and reputation


Get powerful insights on business performance

From marketing to project management, we provide the insights you need to understand and improve your business performance


Website included

We can create a professional website for your business as part of any Houzz Pro subscription, saving you time and money

Our Houzz web presence is the best service our company has ever experienced. We like our website and the ease of which Houzz put it all together for us.

Robert Carles Wright, Willis-Wright Design Group


Build your brand online and make a bigger impact

Houzz Pro websites make it easy to look professional


Let Houzz do all the work!

We’ll create a website for you and ensure it stays up to date and synced with your Houzz Profile


SEO-friendly & secure

Our sites are built on the latest secure technologies, and we build with SEO in mind


Hosting and domain included

Everything is included with Houzz Pro; need a domain? We’ll purchase one and take care of hosting too


Unlimited content, photos & storage

With a Houzz website, you’ll never worry about running out of space for photos, videos and more


Built-in lead management tools

Simplify your workflow: Houzz Pro makes it easy to manage all your leads at no additional cost


Optimized for mobile devices

From smartphones to tablets, your Houzz-built website will look great and work perfectly on every device

I really like my website and the crisp design - as a matter of fact I'm now getting more initial contacts and a greater percentage of appointments.


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