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A new lamp shade is the perfect way to freshen up a room — and your lamp — on a budget. Often overlooked as a design element, lamp shades can transform a boring lamp into a beautiful piece, plus they add character and sophistication to a room. There are dozens of styles available, but you won’t want to pick out just any old lamp shade. Here are some important tips to consider when shopping for your new light shades:

What size and shape should my lamp shade be?

A lamp shade that’s too big or too small can make your table or floor lamp look awkward. Look for one that’s just the right size and shape for your base and, if it’s a table lamp, the table it will sit on. Don’t forget to leave space inside of the shade, as a hot lightbulb that’s too close to a fabric shade could present a fire hazard.
• Height: For table lamps, look for light shades that are approximately two-thirds the height of your base. This will ensure that your finished lamp won’t look unbalanced. For both table and floor lamps, keep in mind that the lamp shade should cover the bulb and the wire frame around the bulb.
• Width: The widest part of your lamp shade needs to be at least a half inch wider than the widest point of the base — on both sides. Don’t forget to consider the space around your lamp, though. If you choose a large lamp shade, will it fit on the table, or will it be in the way of foot traffic?
• Shape: It’s generally best for lamp shades to mimic their bases. So, a round base will look best paired with a round shade, and square or angular bases will look best with square or rectangular lamp shades. However, if your square lamp base will be sitting on a round table, you can mimic the shape of the tabletop with a round lamp shade.

What styles of lamp shades are there?

When choosing the perfect light shades for your space, it’s important to know what’s out there. If you have a gorgeous chandelier in your foyer, you’ll need several chandelier shades — the number will depend on how many lights you need to cover. A drum shade is a wonderful option for a pendant light, and drum shades can have a traditional, contemporary or modern flair. Glass light shades can add interest to your lighting while allowing maximum illumination. Don’t forget to consider translucency, colors, patterns and accents as well. A pleated lamp shade adds to a traditional look, while bold colors and patterns can complement an eclectic, a modern or even a contemporary room.

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