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Holiday Decorations

When it comes to collecting decorations for the holidays, you can take two routes: unique or classic. Regardless of which direction you take, if you plan on spending money to spice up your home during Christmas or Halloween, make sure that you’ll be able to reuse the decorations. The ideal purchase is holiday decor that can be used for multiple occasions, however that's not the only trick to maximize your holiday decorating this season.

What are some popular holiday decorations?

Depending on the holiday or season you're decorating for, there are a lot of staple products to choose from. Christmas is arguably one of the most popular decorating holidays, both inside and outside the home. Christmas lights and wreaths are popular additions to your exterior, while Christmas trees, ornaments, tree skirts, stockings and garlands are popular indoors. Halloween pumpkins and lawn ornaments are common, while leaves and autumn wreaths are frequent in the fall. Try to pick Valentine’s Day decor that could also work for a little girl’s birthday party, Fourth of July decorations that can be used for other summer parties, and holiday decor that can stay out through New Year’s Eve.

What style holiday decor should I buy?

Color makes a world of difference when it comes to these decisions. Picking items in simple tones that go well with the overall style of your house means that you might be able to whip out those candleholders for more than one holiday party, or even keep them out for most of the season. Choosing Christmas decorations that have more of a “wintry” feel, or Halloween decorations that can be used for Thanksgiving and most of fall means you can get more bang for your buck when it comes to holiday decorations.

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