• 52%

    Take on More Projects

    Houzz Pro helps pros take on more business

  • 50%

    Save on Hiring

    Houzz Pro is like having a team member you don't have to hire

  • 73%

    Get Organized

    Houzz Pro keeps businesses and teams organized

  • 82%

    Communicate Better

    Houzz Pro helps pros communicate better with clients

Based on a Dec. 2021 survey of current U.S. Houzz Pro Customers, out of those who had an opinion


Stay on Time & on Budget

The Houzz Pro Schedule has all the tools you need to keep projects on track. Watch how easy it is to build, update and share project schedules with stakeholders. Assign items or tasks to teammates and clients to ensure things run smoothly.

"The Schedule feature is just amazing. Now clients can see exactly how their project is progressing and we can see which trade we have scheduled. It is really nice that you can get as detailed and granular as you want with the ability to add notes and schedule specific arrival times.”

Susan Heinz | The Heinz Group


Keep Everyone up to Date

Build a clear, visual project schedule to let clients and teammates see project stages, due dates, and more.

"I love how Houzz Pro makes it so easy to track my orders, billing, and client project progress."
Wendy Glaister | Wendy Glaister Interiors


Get a Bird’s Eye View

Manage progress, create to-do lists, and assign tasks on the Tasks Overview page.

"I love the Schedule because we can plug in our info and have it all be in one place. Houzz Pro is more specific to construction and our needs as builders. I love that I can take an estimate, start everything in the same app, track all the pieces on the project management side, then get payments. It’s very specific to our needs.”

"The best software for custom home builders. I researched a lot of software before choosing Houzz Pro. The biggest positive? How much is included for the price."
Bryan Payne,
Many Mansions LLC

Enjoy Unlimited Files

Photos and documents attached to Estimates and Proposals will be automatically saved on your project dashboard. Plus, you can grant and revoke file access at any time.


Run Your Business From Anywhere

Whether you’re in the field or on the road, you get all the simple yet powerful features of Houzz Pro at your fingertips.

"Just having everything available in one place, and feeling like I can use one system, and it has all of the bells and whistles, is amazing. It's like we have an administrative assistant without having a physical person."


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