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Dining Room Sets

As the primary furniture piece in your dining room, your dining room set should properly fill the space, enhance comfort and reflect your personality. Surprisingly, there are a lot of decisions that go into making a dining set purchase: Overall style, price tag, material type and size. If you consider all these elements, you should easily find dining room tables and chairs to last you decades. Read on to find out more about how to find the best dining room sets for sale.

What size dining set should I purchase?

The overall size of dining room table and chair sets is often dictated by your personal preference, family size and overall usage. Are you planning on hosting frequent family events? A larger 7-piece set or 9-piece set will fit you best — you might even want to consider an expanding dining table. Are you just looking for something to fit your family of four? In that case, a 5-piece set will more than suffice. Also keep in mind what fits in your space. A small breakfast nook only needs a small kitchen table set or one of our cute dinette sets, while a formal dining room requires something more substantial.

Should I buy a wood, metal or glass dining table set?

There are many material options for dining tables. Wood is often the go-to choice, since it's readily available, durable and affordable. A metal tabletop or dining table frame is also a popular, trendy choice, while glass is usually seen in more formal and elegant dining room sets. When making a final decision, consider your family's needs; if you have kids, avoid metal, since it often has sharp edges. And if you want to minimize clean-up time, avoid glass, since fingerprints and spills often require a full wipe down.

Should I buy metal, plastic, upholstered or wood seating?

As with table material, go with your family's comfort zone. Plastic is great for kids since it's softer and easier to clean if things go wrong. Upholstered and slipcovered chairs add some much-needed color, though they are less forgiving when it comes to spills. Wood is a common choice, though a wood chair without a seat cushion is often uncomfortable for long periods of time. In the end, style is important, but comfort should rise above all else. The simplest option is to stick with a dining room table set that is all one material.

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