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Whether you’re furnishing a home office or simply need somewhere to put your computer, desks are useful, multifunctional additions to any household. If you’re looking to create a dedicated work space at home, a corner desk is a great option; if you’re hoping to stay active while you work, a tall surface to stand at would be ideal. Think about the guidelines below to create your perfect workstation:

What materials, finish and style will be best in my workspace?

Just because you’re going to be working doesn’t mean you can’t do it in style. If you’re furnishing a separate home office, feel free to run with whatever look you like. If your workspace is in the kitchen, go with what matches the space -- maybe a creamy white home office desk with a rustic farmhouse look. Consider too whether your working station is meant for heavy use, or more as decoration. For lots of typing and writing, wood is best, while a contemporary, mirrored surface might be best for an accent piece.

What type of desk should I buy?

Before doing any shopping, consider the sort of work you’ll be doing to determine what types of desks would best fit your needs.

Computer Desk - This style is often built around wire management and may come with a keyboard tray. Similar to a writing desk, this style is also defined by having sufficient working space to put a computer or laptop. For a crisp and refreshing look, opt for a white desk; or, go with a rich wooden stain for a more traditional work space.

Standing Desk - If you want to stand up while you work to remain focused and active, a working surface with adjustable height may be right for you. Make sure it can be adjusted to come up to your waist, for comfortable typing and writing.

Executive Desk - This style often comes with a large set of drawers or a filing cabinet on both sides. Perfect as a home office desk, this type is also ideal for those who want a more stately, elegant look.

Desk with a Hutch - For extra storage and to keep all of your books and working materials handy, an attached hutch can be very useful. White home office desks with hutches are well-suited to kitchen workstations, as the extra shelving can blend seamlessly with kitchen cabinetry.

Secretary Desk - This traditional style often slopes in a downward diagonal, with shelves up top giving way to a flat surface. Similarly, a roll top style offers some extra shelving, and when you’re finished working for the day, you can simply roll the attached cover over your work surface to hide any messes.

Reception Desk - This style has a raised front edge and a large workspace below, ideal for receiving visitors in a professional setting and keeping work and files hidden.

Wall-Mounted Desk - This style is mounted on the wall and provides a compact workspace. A leaning style also provides a small yet convenient working surface, supported by two long poles that lean up against the wall.

Gaming Desk - These will have multiple levels to display two or three laptops or computers, for those that really want to be plugged in.

What shape do I want my desk to be?

Consider both the size of your office as well as your needs. An L-shaped desk provides plenty of workspace, room for your computer monitor and usually comes with storage. A U-shaped desk provides even more room to work, with a wrap-around look. If you’re tight on extra room, consider a space-saving corner or wall-mounted style.

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