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Home accents have a big job to do: make a house feel like a home. You can have interesting furniture, but the little touches give a home its personality. Whether you’re into candles and coffee table books, or poufs and home fragrances, these decorative touches are a reflection of you. So choose wisely, but have fun, these small decor pieces are easy to move and replace. Follow these tips to help make the most of your home accents.

Put your decorative accents to work.

They don’t have to be solely about looks. Items such as bookends, candleholders and decorative baskets, boxes and bowls are all meant to serve a function. Maximize their potential by using them for both display and storage. Other accents, like jewelry boxes and vases, can often stand as decor on their own. But when you actually store earrings or display fresh flowers, you’ll find a certain satisfaction in using them as they were intended.

Rotate home accents for a change of scenery.

Living with the same decor day in and day out can get old. Objects start to blend into the background, and you don’t appreciate things like the beautiful artificial flowers you bought last year. Rotating your decorative accents will bring new life to your space and can even make you feel like you’re in a completely different world. Try putting photo albums out on display and swapping out images in picture frames. If you have live plants indoors, move them around or change their current pots and planters. For a travel-inspired look, display knickknacks like statues and figurines, telescopes and world globes on shelves and tables. The combinations are endless, so if you get the itch to rearrange your home accents, go for it!

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