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Your table is set, and now it’s time for the glassware. After all, isn’t what you drink arguably one of the most important components of a meal? Why not drink out of a vessel worthy of its contents? Whether buying for everyday use or only for special occasions, drinkware is an opportunity to have fun with place settings. Materials and styles can vary according to your desired use, so follow these tips to pick the ultimate drinkware for your needs.

How do I pick glassware for everyday use?

When choosing glassware that will be for everyday use, durability is key. Choosing glass tumblers or mugs that are thick-walled and dishwasher safe are great for drinks of all types. Whether it’s milk for the kids, or a cocktail for mom after work, sturdy and simple glass drinkware gets the job done. For the early mornings or late nights that require a hot beverage to warm you up, ceramic mugs and cups insulate heat as well as regulate the temperature of the cup.

What should I look for in formal glassware?

For special occasions, or just to stock up your at home bar, there are endless options to choose from when it comes to formal glassware. From highballs to goblets, crystal to hand blown glass, there’s a lot to navigate through in the glassware field. Unless you plan on running a Zagat rated bar from your house, don’t feel the necessity to have a unique glass type per drink. For wine, stemware is a treat. While there are specific glass shapes per wine type, one classic set for red and one set for white will do just fine. For mixed drinks, a clean and simple set of highball glasses and a set of tumblers, at most, is all that is necessary. For celebratory occasions and holidays, champagne flutes, martini glasses, and other festive glassware really adds flare to your decor. Remember that glasses can be easily broken, especially at parties and other events with alcohol, so invest in them accordingly.

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