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‘Tis the season to decorate and be merry, and no holiday décor theme would have that je ne sais quoi without a lively green Christmas tree. If allergies or other reasons keep you from adding a live specimen to the top of your car and trucking it home, artificial Christmas trees are an equally appealing way to bring the holidays home. Finding one that fits your holiday design and your home is important, so here are a few handy tips to get you started on the right track:

What size Christmas tree is right for me?

Putting the final touch on your holiday tree arrangement can come to a screeching halt if you find you don’t have enough space. Before you go shopping, measure the area where you plan to display your new tree to determine what size will fit. Don’t forget to determine whether or not you’ll have enough room to maneuver around it to decorate those branches. If you’re blessed with a spacious living room or other area where your tree’s branches can spread out, a full-sized model is a great choice. For those who lack ample space or live in a small home or apartment, look for a slim or pencil style. The height of artificial Christmas trees ranges from 12 feet all the way down to petite designs that are meant to fit on your table, so just make sure yours won’t be touching the ceiling.

What styles do Christmas trees come in?

Naturally your next step is to determine the style you want. In terms of materials, you can choose between PVC and polyethylene, or PE. PE trees provide a closer resemblance to the real thing and may even feature sculpted branch tips. PVC options have needles that are attached to the branches with wires. Keep in mind that the density or tip count listed will indicate how full your Christmas tree looks once assembly is complete.

As for branches, you should determine whether a hook-in or hinged style will best meet your needs. Hook-in styles have branches that are individually attached to a specific spot on the central pole. A hook-in tree will take more time to assemble and won’t have pre-lit options, but it will be easier on your pocketbook. Hinged styles have permanently attached branches that can fold in toward the center pole when it’s time to be stored away. They’re easier to set up but tend to cost a bit more than the hook-in variety.

How about pre-lit Christmas trees or ones with other accents?

Another consideration is whether you’d like additional accents on your Christmas tree. Some styles look as if they’ve recently been dusted with snow. Others feature nature-inspired additions like berries or pinecones. Pre-lit Christmas trees are another popular choice as they eliminate the aggravation of having to untangle a jumble of holiday lights. Similarly, a fiber optic Christmas tree features small, thin fibers that mix in with the needles and light up or change colors.

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