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If you’re looking for a way to sneak in stylish sophistication to your home’s decor, consider a chaise lounge chair or divan. Whether you’re outfitting a reading nook or adding extra seating to your living room, they’re sure to be a chic accessory that will complete any look. Since it will likely be an investment piece, be sure to make the right decision when purchasing by understanding what to look for and deciding what chaise lounge is right for your home.

What’s the difference between divans, chaise lounges and settees?

There isn’t a big one, and they essentially function in the same fashion. An indoor chaise lounge (meaning “long chair” in French) is a one, two or no-armed sofa featuring a low or half back — think chair and ottoman combined. A divan tends to be a bit larger and closer to the ground, and usually does away with any arms or back, leaving a mattress-like cushion that can be used as a daybed of sorts. Lastly, with two arms and a back, a settee is most like a small, slender sofa. Some settees resemble a bench, and work well at the foot of a bed or in an entryway.

Which indoor chaise lounge chairs should I buy?

This depends a lot on the style you’re looking for: many have become more trendy as well, so often the styles appear very similar. Divans tend to be perceived as more functional than a traditional chaise lounge sofa, given their bed-like ability, but the latter can add an elegant touch to a living room or bedroom. In the end, it comes down to function and aesthetics: determine where and in what way you want to use your chaise couch, and how you want it to look in your home.

Where should I put a chaise lounge?

These pieces of furniture are actually useful in a wide variety of spots throughout the home. Want to create a cozy reading nook in your bedroom? Outfit it with a comfortable chaise lounge sofa and enjoy a book into the wee hours. Settees and divans are also great for adding seating space to living rooms without creating a visually bulky set-up. Place an armless chaise lounge indoors across from a sofa with a coffee table in-between for ample entertaining.

What style chaise lounge sofa should I choose?

Determine where you’re going to place it, and then survey the room’s current decor. For a vintage look, scour flea markets or antique stores to score an affordable settee that will add instant charm to your space. If you’re looking to go modern, consider something sleek and plush. For contemporary appeal, find an armless lounge chair or divan and consider a bold or vibrant colored fabric.

What type of upholstery is best for an indoor lounge chair?

Since chaise lounges are usually meant for relaxation, find a fabric that will suit that. Cotton, linen and polyester will provide a soft surface that’s durable to boot. If you want to go sleek and contemporary, choose ultrasuede for an eye-catching element. If you’re thinking more Victorian era, velvet will do the trick.

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