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Ceiling fans were once thought of as strictly practical products, designed to move air around and cool down a room. Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice style for practicality anymore — you can have a ceiling fan that looks great and has functional features, such as high-output lighting. Knowing what to look for will help you purchase the perfect fan for your room, so follow these easy tips to choose the right one.

What size ceiling fan do I need for my space?

Ceiling fans need to have enough room to rotate their blades and allow air to circulate properly. The size of a fan is determined by its blade span, which is measured straight across from one fan blade tip to the opposite blade tip. Here’s a quick list of typical ceiling fan sizes and their matching room dimensions:

  • 40-inch fan: Rooms up to 80 square feet (approximately 8’x10’)
  • 50-inch fan: Rooms between 80 and 168 square feet (approximately 12’x14’)
  • 60-inch fan: Rooms between 168 and 360 square feet (approximately 18’x20’)
  • 60+-inch fan: Rooms 360 square feet and larger (approximately 18’x20’ and up)

    Can ceiling fans be mounted differently?

    Yes, not all fans are made to be used in every situation. The method of installation depends on the height and type of ceiling you have. A general rule is that ceiling fans should be installed about 8 feet from the ground, minimum 7 feet if absolutely necessary. Here are the three main mounting types:

  • Flush mount: Low ceilings require close or flush-mount ceiling fan installation. The low profile designs help minimize bulkiness while providing plenty of clearance to walk under. These are also known as hugger ceiling fans because of the way they “hug” the ceiling.
  • Downrod: If your ceilings are high, you may need a downrod to bring the fan to the correct height. Some downrod ceiling fans are adjustable, but most come in incremental lengths of six inches, so be sure to measure before buying.
  • Angled/sloped: Sloped ceilings can still accommodate a ceiling fan, you just need one that is sloped ceiling adaptable so that it hangs level to the floor.

    Which features should I look for in a good ceiling fan?

    The best ceiling fans will be the ones that work well for your specific space in terms of style, size and functionality, but if you want to ramp up the value look for these popular features:

  • Energy Star: Ceiling fans with the Energy Star rating have been certified as meeting certain energy efficiency standards. This could help save on your electricity bill without sacrificing any functionality.
  • Lighted: Ceiling fans with lights do double duty. Why have a fan and a separate lighting source when you can have both in one product?
  • Remote Control: Don’t bother getting up and down to change the settings. Invest in a ceiling fan with a remote for easy control over blade speed and light intensity.
  • Quiet: Want to stay cool but don’t want to hear the roar of a fan? Keep your eyes open for quiet ceiling fans that minimize the noise they make — you’ll forget it’s even on!
  • Outdoor: If you have a great outdoor living space, why not keep the airflow going with an outdoor ceiling fan? These are specifically designed for outdoor use or in potentially wet and damp locations. Do not try to use an indoor-only fan outside.
  • Reversible: Did you know fans can be used to heat a room also? Look for one with a reversible motor to heat and cool a space as needed. Set it to counter-clockwise to push air downwards and cause a cooling effect, or clockwise so it grabs the warm air that gathers near the ceiling (hot air rises!) and redistributes it throughout the room.

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