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Your bedroom is a haven, yet it’s usually one of the last rooms you decorate. Chances are, more visible areas of your home are decorated to a T, while your poor bedroom is patiently waiting for it's turn. Stop waiting for the right time (it never will be), and give your bedroom the attention it deserves. By adding a few new bedroom accessories you can quickly turn a boring room into your favorite hideout. Here's how to best revamp your space.

Pick out timeless bedroom furniture.

Don’t get caught with old-fashioned pieces ever again. When picking out larger furniture, avoid new trends, since a popular look today will date your bedroom tomorrow. Instead, go with what's always in style, like platform or fourposter beds, wingback headboards or armchairs and solid wood dressers, armoires, benches and nightstands. You can always stray from the traditional by opting for metal legs or unique hardware.

Take advantage of decorative accessories.

Unlike some other rooms in the house, a bedroom is an easy place for adding fun, quirky knickknacks. Throw pillows, throws and curtains help add pops of color, and table lamps, while practical, can also help enhance the room’s decor. Bedding is the easiest way to make an impact; by updating your comforter, pillows or duvet cover, you can make your bedroom instantly feel more current.

Add some extra special furniture.

If you have room to spare, bring in a few more small pieces to really personalize the space. A vanity table is a great way to make your beauty regimen fun, and a bedroom bench or an upholstered ottoman helps bring a hint of romance. A chaise longue, lounge chair or daybed can help turn a dull bedroom corner into the ultimate reading or napping nook.

Pick out the right mood lighting.

In a bedroom, it’s important to use just the right amount of light; after all, you want to give off a soft, romantic vibe while still avoiding any trip-and-fall-type accidents. Placing table lamps on nightstands is often the go-to option, but wall sconces with soft lighting are a great alternative. If you’re a fan of practical over beautiful, ceiling fans are the way to go, especially if you live somewhere with warm summer months, when the temperature can make it hard to sleep.

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