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Since the eighteenth century, dressing tables have graced the bedrooms of many a lady. Originally used to store cosmetic items, today's vanity table hasn't lost much of its functionality. If you're looking for a space to do your hair and makeup without being accused of taking over the bathroom, a makeup vanity desk is the perfect solution. Even if you don't spend much time on makeup or hair styling yourself, a dressing table can be used to display heirloom combs, jewelry boxes and hand mirrors, along with a collection of perfume bottles and makeup sets. Their small drawers are perfect for storing away small items, as well. If you've decided a mirrored vanity is now on your shopping list, here are a few hints to get you started:

What should I look for when choosing my new dressing table?

Before you even begin shopping, consider how much storage space you'll need and whether you'd like a mirror attached to your vanity table. Most dressing tables feature three to eight drawers, and you can purchase a vanity set if you require a mirror and stool or chair to sit on. Also consider how certain styles and colors will fit in with the rest of your bedroom decor. Would a white dressing table pair perfectly with your traditionally-styled bedroom, or would you prefer a mirrored dressing table for a glamorous look?

Are there any special requirements when it comes to caring for a mirrored vanity table?

As with any piece of furniture, you'll want to keep your makeup table clean and dust-free. A pine, maple or oak makeup dresser will require regular polishing with beeswax, and you should ensure your bedroom vanity desk isn't in direct sunlight to prevent discoloration. If your vanity set includes a mirror or if you've added your own, clean it with paper towels or newspaper and a window cleaner or vinegar for a smudge-free shine.

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