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Bathroom mirrors are often afterthoughts during remodels, but they are essential components to the space. After all, you use them every day to put on makeup, shave or give yourself a quick glance before racing out the door. Vanity mirrors are available in a wide range of styles with many features you may be currently overlooking. Ask yourself the following questions as you browse bathroom mirror ideas:

Which bathroom wall mirror is best for my room?

Do you need more storage from a vanity mirror with shelves and drawers or are you looking for decorative bathroom mirrors? Your needs may change depending on which bathroom you’re looking to outfit. Fogless mirrors are worthy investments for master bathrooms while powder room mirrors are typically more decorative since you don’t need to stash toiletries behind them. Draw on these factors as a guide to help you make a decision.

What style should my bathroom mirror be?

If you have a contemporary bathroom, install a frameless bathroom mirror for an ultra sleek look. If you’re going for a more eclectic look, filter your search by framed bathroom mirrors in endless colors and patterns. Your walls should also help dictate your choice. Are they tiled or painted? Paneled or wallpapered? Bathroom vanity mirrors may contrast or complement an existing pattern or hue.

What size bath mirrors should I consider?

Size matters when shopping for mirrors for bathrooms. Generally, bigger is better, particularly if you have a double vanity with a shared vanity mirror. But the same is true for small spaces too. A large bathroom mirror can reflect more light making a tiny room feel bigger. The shape of your bathroom wall mirrors can also put it in proportion. For example, you may prefer the look of slim, oval bathroom mirrors no wider than your sink.

Should I buy a lighted bathroom mirror?

Overhead lighting creates shadows that a vanity mirror with lights can counteract, making precision tasks, like tweezing and flossing, a lot easier. Having an LED mirror in the bathroom will provide even distribution of light. For a trendier version of the light-up approach, try a backlit bathroom mirror to cast a soft glow that’s great waking up or winding down.

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