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Babies and kids grow up in the blink of an eye. However, in that short amount of time, they sure do need a lot of things: first nursery furniture and baby bedding, then kids’ beds and toy storage, all with a whole lot of colorful kids’ room decor along the way. The amount of items to find and purchase can seem overwhelming, but as long as you stick to these basic guidelines, picking out kids’ furniture or baby stuff can actually be quite fun.

Look for kids’ furniture that will grow with them.

It’s exciting to pick out nursery furniture for your new family member, but try to find pieces that will at least take them into the toddler stage. Most contemporary cribs convert into toddler and twin-size kids’ beds, and changing tables are often incorporated into kids’ dressers that will be functional well after their diaper-changing days. Try to find rocking chairs and gliders that are neutral and can be used as comfy chairs for years to come. Of course there are some things, like baby swings and bouncers, that aren’t useful past a certain age, so make sure to get the most use out of them while you can!

Baby and kids’ bedding should be all about comfort.

You children play hard and deserve a soft, comfortable place in which to recharge during nap time and the nighttime. While adults might appreciate more structured bedding, babies and kids’ skin is much more delicate and sensitive to textiles. Kids’ bedding can come either in lots of individual pieces or as a set; for your own sanity purchase a complete kids’ bedding set to start and replace each piece as needed. Pay special attention to baby bedding. For safety reasons, it should fit snugly around the crib mattress to avoid any bunching or tangling. You can also purchase a full crib bedding set, complete with matching crib bumpers, to save you time and money.

Get creative with kids’ room and nursery decor.

The decor in a child’s room doesn’t have to be all about the kids’ wall art or wall decals. Think outside the box by having necessities double as decorative elements. Kids’ rugs are a great way to bring color and pattern into a space while protecting the floor. The same goes for kids’ lighting — look for a kids’ nightlight or lamp that is playful and will also provide ample light. Find fun ways to display your child’s toys when they aren’t in use, like with a bookshelf or an interesting toy organizer. Investing too much in kids’ room decorations can be risky, as children hop from one interest to the next quickly.

Don’t forget about backyard playsets and swings.

Children of all ages need good old-fashioned outdoor playtime. Swing sets and playsets are always a hit, but make sure the play structure you buy has high safety ratings and is well built. A backyard playhouse where your kids can play house to their hearts’ content will bring hours of amusement (and maybe a little bit of downtime for you too). Toddlers are often content with an activity table where they can mix sand, dirt and water and improve their coordination. Remember to keep a sharp eye on the little ones when they’re playing outside — they might be small, but they are mighty fast and sneaky!

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