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When Summer arrives, you’ll surely want to take advantage of the nice weather. What better way to do so than by kicking back and relaxing in an Adirondack chair? The chunky design of this chair, with its sloped seat and tall back, beckons you to sit down, unwind and rest your drink on its wide arms. Originally made with 11 flat boards using repurposed wood, this timeless piece gets its name from the Adirondack Mountains, where it was first created in the early 1900’s.

Since then, the design has remained mostly unchanged, (with the exception of a few minor improvements for increased comfort of course), allowing the classic look of the Adirondack chair to work well in almost any style space. So whether modern or rustic is your thing, this chair will be sure to match your patio or porch. Take a minute to read the following tips on picking the perfect Adirondack chair for your daily downtime.

What will last longer — wooden or plastic Adirondack chairs?

Both materials have the potential to last you for years and years, depending on the level of maintenance you want to do. Wood Adirondack chairs will provide you with the most traditional look, and can be found finished, unfinished, or painted in bright colors. If left unfinished, most woods will eventually acquire a weathered gray appearance, which looks great in coastal or nautically inspired settings. Leaving the wood unfinished, however, will shorten the chair’s lifespan, especially in harsher climates. To extend the life of your chair, it’s a good idea to refinish, paint or apply protective coatings when you see noticeable wear.

Not into the weathered look or seasonal maintenance? Polywood or resin Adirondack chairs are your best bet. These materials are often recycled from previous items, so they are a more eco-friendly option, and extremely low maintenance. Just dust them off or wipe them down each season and they’re ready to go! Other added bonuses of plastic Adirondack chairs are that they come in any color imaginable and are lightweight, so they can be moved and stacked easily for storage. Ultimately, knowing which look you’re going for and how much maintenance you’re willing to do to will help you choose the best option.

Which features should I look for in an Adirondack chair?

While all varieties of this chair have the same overall look, there are a few extra features you may want for yours. The most common add-on is an outdoor ottoman designed specifically for Adirondacks (they match the height of the seat and slope down and away from the chair); if this appeals to you, look for a design that comes with an ottoman or has one built in for lounging. Side tables matching the slatted Adirondack style are also a popular addition, and can be useful around the yard when paired with other outdoor furniture pieces as well. If comfort is key, pick a design with a curved seat and contoured back, or try adding some outdoor cushions for a plush experience. Other features include oversized and reclining designs that are sure to bump the relaxation level up a notch or two, as well as folding Adirondack chairs that can be moved or stored easily during the cold winter months.

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